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 Super 8mm Films Features: Below is a list of the Super 8mm Features, listed alphabetically.

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      Super 8 Features & Featurettes

All films in very good condition.

All prices in UK Pounds.

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 7X400 £249.99. John Travolta, Karem Lynn Gorney classic music drama. Rare full length Marketing feature. Good slighlty warming colour. Original box.

ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL SERIAL (B/W) 12X400 £149.99. 1941 classic serial with Tom Tyler. Original Derann boxes.

THE LADY WITH A LAMP (B/W) 6X400 £99.99. Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding star in this classic film about the life of Florence Nightingale. Rare feature.

THE PARADINE CASE (B/W) 5X400 £149.99. Gregory Peck, Ann Todd star in this classic Alfred Hitchcock crime drama. Rare ABC Films feature in original box.

SUSPICION (B/W) 5X400 £119.99. Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine star in this classic RKO mystery thriller from Alfred Hitchcock.

KING KONG 6X400 £119.99. Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong all time 1933 fantasy horror classic. Full length print in original Mountain Films boxes.

CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE (B/W) 5X400 £119.99.
Simone Simon, Kent Smith. 1944 classic RKO horror. Rare full length print in original Mountain Films boxes.

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS 5X400 £99.99. Gene Kelly,
Leslie Caron classic MGM musical. Original Ken Films deluxe case.

OF HUMAN BONDAGE (B/W) 5X400 £79.99. Bette Davis, Leslie Howard 1934 classic romantic drama.

PEARL OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC 5X400 £79.99. Virginia Mayo, Dennis Morgan star in this 1955 action adventure. Fair colour print in excellent condition. Original Niles Films box.

BUNDLE OF JOY 7X400 £49.99. Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher RKO classic musical. Faded/fair colour print in original Mountain Films boxes.

THE ELSTREE STORY (B/W) 3X400 £49.99. Richard Todd narrates this documentary about the famous film studios. Original Derann cases.

GUNS FOR SAN SEBASTIAN 2X600 £24.99. Anthony Quinn, Charles Bronson classic western adventure. Fair colour print.

THE CARD (B/W) 4X400 £59.99. Alec Guinness, Glynis Johns classic British comedy. Original boxes.

THE DIRTY DOZEN 3X400 £39.99. Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson World War II classic adventure. Original cases.

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO 3X400 £39.99. Omar Sharif, Julie Christie multi Oscar winning classic. Original cases.

DANGEROUS EXILE 4X400 £39.99. Louis Jourdan, Richard O'sullivan adventure drama classic. Faded/fair colour print in original Derann Boxes.

55 DAYS AT PEKING 3X400 £34.99. Charleton Heston, Ava Gardner classic adventure.

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (B/W) 4X400 £59.99. Charles Laughton stars in the RKO 1939 classic drama.

THE CAT AND THE CANARY (B/W Silent) 2X800 £59.99. Laura La Plante, Creighton Hale star in this classic 1927 silent horror mystery.

THE WILD GEESE 3X400 £39.99. Richard Burton, Roger Moore star in this action packed thrilling adventure.

GASBAGS 4X400 £69.99. The Crazy gang invade Nazi Germany !! They accidentally pilot a balloon over enemy territory. 1941 classic British comedy. Rare full length feature from DCR.

TEX RIDES WITH THE BOY SCOUTS (B/W) 2X400 £14.99. Tex Ritter classic 1937 western. Two very full reels but no end credits.

CLEOPATRA (B/W) 1X600 £29.99. Claudette Colbert, Warren William star in this classic 1934 version. All three of the Castle Films extracts spliced together,

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN 2X400 £39.99. Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds classic musical. Original Ken Films cases.

Errol Flynn classic adventure. Original cases.

HUNGRY FOR SEX (Colour) 4X400 £59.99. Five vignettes around the theme of what can happen when teenagers' parents are away from home ... and then return unexpectedly. 1972 eroctic sex comedy. Rare colour print with good colour.

HUNGRY FOR SEX (B/W) 4X400 £39.99. 60's glamour feature for the broadminded. Original boxes.

INTOLERANCE (B/W Silent) 7X400 £69.99. D.W. Griffith's 1916 silent classic. The story of a poor young woman, separated by prejudice from her husband and baby, is interwoven with tales of intolerance from throughout history. Excellent Blackhawk print.

THE ROAD TO BALI 3X400 £34.99. Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour musical comedy.

BENGAZI (B/W) 4X400 £39.99. Richard Conte, Victor McLaglen star in this 1955 classic RKO adventure. Original boxes.

BLOSSOM TIME (B/W) 4X400 £49.99. Richard Tauber, Jane Baxter. 1934 classic romantic musical.

THE CONQUERER 6X400 £89.99. John Wayne, Susan Hayward star in this 1956 classic action adventure. Rare Universal feature.

THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF ZORRO 4X400 £39.99. Douglas Frey stars in this sexy erotic comedy. Original Derann box.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 1X600 £24.99. Lorne Greene stars in this Universal sci fi movie.

CAT PEOPLE (B/W) 1X600 £39.99. Simone Simon, Kent Smith star in this classic RKO horror thriller. Original label.

TALL IN THE SADDLE (B/W) 2X400 £29.99. John Wayne classic western. Excellent Kodak polyester print.

TWO TICKETS TO BROADWAY 2X400 £29.99. Tony Martin, Janet Leigh classic RKO musical. Excellent Kodak Lpp polyester colour print.

UNDERWATER 1X600 £29.99. Jane Russell 1955 adventure drama RKO classic. Excellent Kodak Lpp polyester colour print.

THE SWORD OF MONTE CRISTO 1X600 £29.99. George Montgomery classic adventure swashbuckler. Excellent Kodak Lpp polyester colour print.

BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY 1X600 £29.99. Gil Gerard stars in this classic Universal sci fi. Original label.

MAGNIFICENT DOLL (B/W) 1X600 £24.99. Ginger Rogers, David Niven historic drama. 

BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE 1X600 £24.99. Robert Newton stars in the RKO swashbuckling adventure. Rare colour print.

EVERGREEN (B/W) 1X600 £24.99. Jessie Matthews stars in this classic British musical. Original PM Films box.

HIGH SOCIETY 1X600 £16.99. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby classic musical. Pinkish colour hence low price. Original label.

TYCOON 1X600 £24.99. John Wayne, Cedric Hardwicke star in this 1947 RKO classic western. Rare Fuji colour print.

THE McMASTERS 1X600 £24.99. Birl Ives, David Carradine star in this action packed western. Rare 30 minute version.

HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER 2X400 £24.99. Clint Eastwood stars in this classic western from Universal.

SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT II 2X400 £24.99. Burt Reynolds, Sally Field classic action comedy sequel. Original Universal label.

NATIONAL LAMPOON ANIMAL HOUSE 2X400 £24.99. John Belushi hilarious comedy. Original Universal label.

LITTLE MISS MARKER 2X400 £19.99. Julie Andrews, Walter Matthau comedy drama. Original Universal cases.

SLAP SHOT 2X400 £19.99. Paul Newman stars in this hilarious ice hockey comedy. Original Universal cases.

THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN 2X400 £19.99. Robert Redford stars in this modern day cowboy story. Original Universal cases.

TYCOON 1X600 £29.99. John Wayne, Anthony Quinn classic RKO western. Original box.

THE SEA HAWK (B/W) 1X600 £24.99. Errol Flynn, Claude Rains classic swashbuckler.

AN ELEPHANT CALLED SLOWLY 4X400 £49.99. Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers star in this classic wildlife adventure comedy.

TALES OF BEATRIX POTTER 4X400 £59.99. Family musical fantasy with the dancers of the Royal Ballet. Original case.

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO 3X400 £49.99. Omar Sharif, Julie Christie star in this David Lean epic love story from MGM. Well edited. Original label.

GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 (B/W) 1X600 £24.99. Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell star in this classic Busby Berkeley musical.

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